Why should women make the effort to train with other women and in women’s only classes?

Women’s only classes are not only a good way for women to get introduced to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu they also offer many benefits beyond mixed classes that can rapidly improve progress and learning.

When given the chance to train with people of similar size and strength, you will have more success practicing techniques, you will get to train your “offense” rather than just your “defense” and get the chance to perfect your submissions.

Having the opportunity to learn and trade knowledge with other Female athletes can be invaluable in your progress by learning what has worked for them you can usually skip a lot of trial and error and hence failure, you will therefore learn techniques faster and be better able to utilize them in mixed classes, in competition, and in real life situations.

For this reason, women training BJJ will progress at a much faster rate when given the opportunity to train with people of a similar size and level of strength.

So, whilst training with men and women is great and always beneficial, training regularly with other women is a stand out option to improving your technique and skill level.

Jarod Lawton
Jarod LawtonInstructor at Team Lawton Martial Arts
Jarod Lawton and his wife Marcela are owners of Team Lawton Martial Arts