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Team Lawton is a fun, family-oriented martial arts academy run by Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts Jarod and Marcela Lawton, who alongside their young son, teach and train with their students daily. They truly understand the demands of balancing family life along with personal fitness and lifestyle goals and strive to help others accomplish their goals in a place that is always welcoming and encouraging to the entire family. With classes for almost any age and fitness level, the whole family is encouraged to come and train, meet new friends, and improve their lifestyle.

Meet our dream team black belt Team Lawton instructors:

Jarod Lawton

Jarod lawton is the most decorated BJJ competitor to ever come from the State of Maine, he has moved quickly through the ranks by winning many of the most prestigious BJJ tournaments in the country. Jarod is also a professional MMA fighter currently ranked in the Northeast Top Ten Welter Weight category.

Aside from Martial Arts Jarod is a Licensed Massage Therapist, specializing in sports related therapy, he has worked with Elite Athletes such as UFC fighters , Olympic Equestrian riders and Boston Marathon runners, he is CPR and First-Aid certified.


Blue belt: 2009  IBJJF Miami International Open division champion, 2009 Abu Dhabi pro trials division champion, 2009  Florida State champion Gi  – weight and open class, 2010 KING OF THE CAGE Champion- mixed martial arts event winner via triangle choke submission 1:06 first round, 2010 U.S. Grappling team member, 2010 Silver medalist F.I.L.A. Grappling Worlds

Purple belt: 2010 IBJJF Miami International Open division Champion- open class silver medalist, 2010 IBJJF No-Gi Pan American bronze medal-open class bronze, 2010 Grapplers Quest-  Absolute Champion, 2010 Florida state Champion GI- weight and open class, 2010 Florida state Champion No-Gi- weight and open class, 2010 Abu Dhabi pro trials division Champion, 2011 IBJJF Miami International Open champion weight and open class

Brown belt: 2012  Gi IBJJF Pan American bronze medal -weight, 2012  IBJJF Boston International Open division Champion – open class bronze medalist, 2012 No-Gi IBJJF Pan American division Champion- open class bronze medalist, 2012 IBJJF Miami international open Champion-bronze open class, 2012 New England Fights- Fight Night V MMA event.  Winner vs Ryan Sanders in the Main Event via knee bar 4:58 into the third round.

Black Belt: 2013- New York Summer Open- 3rd place weight class, 2013- Boston Summer Open- 2nd place weight class; 3rd place open class, 2013- King of the Skirmish, 2014- New England Fights champion- Fight Night XII MMA Event- Winner vs John Ortolani via ko on the second round.

Marcela Lawton

Marcela started jiu-jitsu in July of 1998, in Itaperuna- Rio de Janeiro- Brasil, with master Wanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, a black belt under Carson Gracie. Soon she started competing, and in the beginning of 1999 after winning a tournament she won her blue belt. After winning her blue belt she started training judo too, to get her jiu-jitsu better. She completed law school while training in jiu-jitsu.

In 2008 she started teaching kids in a project at her city, with her sensei, master Wanderlei. In 2009 her master gave her the brown belt, after she took 2nd place in the Brazilian Nationals Gi and Nogi. At the same year she tested and got promoted for her judo brown belt. In 2010 she won the Brazilian Nationals Gi, and after that she moved to the US. Then she got 3rd place at the Worlds Nogi and 2nd place at the Miami Open. In the midle of 2011 she started do train under Pablo Popovich, and won the Pan Ams Nogi, getting 3rd in the absolute.

After that she took a break, when she got pregnant, and moved with her husband Jarod Lawton to Maine. In 2013 she started back training, now under Alexey Cruz and competing, placing 3rd at the New York Summer Open and 2nd at the Boston Summer Open. In December of 2013, she received her Black Belt from Alexey Cruz and her husband Jarod Lawton. At the same month she completed her Yoga Teacher Training under Leslee Hartwell at Well Heart Yoga, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. In May 2014 she took 2nd place in the most prestigious BJJ tournament: the worlds, in California.

Marcela is the most decorated female competitor (2nd in the world on her weight class, 33rd in the world overall)  and the only black belt female currently teaching in Maine.

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